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'Finnissy is one of those awkward English visionaries like William Blake or John Bunyan, whose rough edges are a measure of their burning convictions.'
Ivan Hewett, 'The arts column: Michael Finnissy', The Daily Telegraph, Published: 12:01AM GMT 16 Mar 2006.
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' obsolete documents go, this is one of the finest around.'
Philip Clark review of Finnissy: Verdi Transcriptions(Ian Pace, Piano), Metier msc 92027, Gramaphone, 2007
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'Against the thickets and tangles of notes, long elegant melodic lines rise and unfold, drawing the great rich clots of music down into a single thread.'
Anne Midgette, 'A Composer's 'Complex' Mosaic', The New York Times, 12 October, 2004
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'[The Transgressive Gospel]is a model of integrity, which is why it is so powerfully moving. I've been to many more "exciting" premieres in recent years, but none more important.'
Ivan Hewitt, 'Michael Finnissy premiere, Spitalfields Festival, review', Published: 12:31PM BST 16 Jun 2009
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'Weir has said she regards Finnissy as the most important living British composer, and if any work can justify that view, it is this wonderfully gnarled, lyrical evocation, with its keening solo lines unfurled over densely packed strings.'
Andrew Clements, 'BBCSO/Brabbins review' The Guardian, Tuesday 22 January 2008 23.38 GM
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'...the ensemble’s tangled lines thinned to a haunting throb punctured by abrasive whirled percussion. Simplicity of effect triumphed,... I was grateful still for this stark, humane Transgressive Gospel — a British religious blockbuster that for once was not written by John Tavener.'
Geoff Brown, 'Transgressive Gospel at Wilton’s Music Hall, E1' The Times, June 17, 2009
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