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Irma Cortez
"Text: Composer, after ‘The Discovery and Conquest of Peru’ by Augustin Zarât
Forces: solo baritone, silent actors, bn, perc, accordion, pf, hp, vn, db.
Duration: 30 Work No.: 21
Publisher: Composer
fp: (final version) 25.11.96 Royal Academy of Music, London. Robert Rice (bar), Manson Ensemble, dir. Composer. Original version (unperformed) included actors, no percussion.

Title: (Japanese) ‘The Crane - The Tortoise’
Forces: sop, 3 female voices, fl, 2perc, cel, va, 3 dancers (optional)
Duration: 22 Work No.: 22
Publisher: OUP
‘To Maurice Weddington.’ fp: 15.9.73 Rotterdam, Netherlands. Kitty Donker (sop); choregraphy: Richard Alston; ensemble, dir. Hans Neuburger (va). Text: Kineya Rokuzaemon X (in Japanese). Based on Noh play ‘Gekkyuden’
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Mystery 5
The Parliament of Heaven (part of Mysteries)
Forces: 3 sop, mez, ten, 3 choruses, children’s choir, arec, ob, 4tpt, 3perc, hp, va, 2 actors&q
Duration: 30 Work No.: 24
Publisher: Composer

Various Nations
Forces: speaker, fl, cl, hn, perc, gtr, vn, vc
Duration: 12 Work No.: 175
Publisher: OUP
Commissioned by Almeida Opera. fp: 9.7.92 Almeida Theatre, London. Eleanor Bron (spkr), Music Projects/London, dir. R. Bernas. Text: from 19th century children’s book ‘A Peep at Various Nations of the World’
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Light Matter
Forces: male vocalist, dancers, ensemble
Duration: Work No.: 32
Publisher: Composer



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