Vocal (accompanied)

(67 Scores)

Le Dormeur du Val
Forces: mezzo-soprano, cel, hpd, pf, 2vn, va, vc
Duration: 7 Work No.: 1
Publisher: Composer
Text: from Arthur Rimbaud’s poem of same name.

From The Revelations of Saint John the Divine
Forces: high sop, fl, 2vn, 2va, 2vc
Duration: 7 Work No.: 2
Publisher: Composer
fp: 31.10.73. Sheffield University. June Barton (sop), Graham Mayger (fl), Members of Northern Sinfonia. Some material from earlier work of same title, for sop, chorus and small orchestra. Text: none.

Song 3
part of Songs 1-18
Forces: sop, ca, hn, pf, elec organ
Duration: 3 Work No.: 4
Publisher: Composer
Text: Alexander Blok (in Russian). Original (withdrawn) version was for soprano and piano.

Folk Song Set
version i. (of iii) ‘In memory of Percy Grainger.’
Forces: sop, ca, cl(ecl) flugelhorn, perc, 2vn, va, vc, db
Duration: 15 Work No.: 14
Publisher: Universal
fp: 29.8.76 Venice Biennale, Italy. Joan Logue (sop), Webern Ensemble, dir. Marcello Panni. Text: Traditional English, adapted by composer.

Folk Song Set
version ii. (of iii) ‘In memory of Percy Grainger.’
Forces: mezzo, fl, cl, pf, vn, va, vc
Duration: 13 Work No.: 14
Publisher: Universal
fp: 12.1.80 Purcell Room, London. Josephine Nendick (mez), Capricorn, dir. Lionel Friend. Text: Traditional English, adapted by composer. Omits one (high) song from version A: ‘If young girls...’

Folk Song Set
version iii. (of iii) ‘In memory of Percy Grainger.’
Forces: mezzo, fl, ob, perc, pf
Duration: 13 Work No.: 14
Publisher: Universal
fp: 19.8.80 Dartington, Devon. Josephine Nendick (mez), Suoraan. Text: Traditional English adapted by composer. Omits one (high) song from version A.

Jeanne d’Arc
Forces: high sop, tenor, solo cello, fl(pic), afl, arec, hn, ptpt, bass, sax, gui, hp 3vn, va, vc, db&
Duration: 18 Work No.: 15
Publisher: Universal
fp: 11.9.72 Hilversum, Netherlands. Gertie Charlent, Bert van t’Hof, Max Werner, Netherlands Radio CO, dir. Peter Keuschnig. Text: from The Trial of Joan of Arc. Currently under revision.

Forces: 6 voices, 2fl(2pic:afl),2ob(oda:ca),2cl(ecl),2ptpt),trb,tuba,3perc.cimbalom,celesta,2pf,hp,2vn,2va,2
Duration: 19 Work No.: 18
Publisher: Edition Modern
‘To Harry Halbreich.’ Commissioned by The London Sinfonietta. fp: 23.3.75 Royan Festival, France. J. Nelson, M. Thomas, J. Stickland, P. Hall, P. Knapp, W. Mason, London Sinfonietta, dir. Simon Bainbridge. Text: Mayakovsky, H_lderlin, Ri

Forces: fl,clar,vln,vla,vcl,pno,perc
Duration: 6 Work No.: 19
Publisher: Composer
fp: 11.9.72 Gaudeamus Music Week, Hilversum, Netherlands. Kitty Donker (mezzo), Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra, dir. P. Keuschnig. Text: none. Currently under revision.

Circle, Chorus and Formal Act
Forces: baritone, 2 female choirs, chorus of 9 perc, ob(ca), 2 hn, perc
Duration: 23 Work No.: 23
Publisher: OUP
‘To the Students of The Place.’ fp: 5.6.73 The Place, London. Students of The Place. Text: Composer, after traditional English folk-verse.

Mystery 2
The Earthly Paradise (part of Mysteries)
Forces: mezzo, tenor, bass, 2 actors, 2pic, alto recorder, ob/oda, ca, 4 tpt, 2cel, 3perc, 2va, 2vc, d
Duration: 14 Work No.: 24
Publisher: Composer

Mystery 3
Noah and the Great Flood (part of Mysteries)
Forces: tenor, 2 actors, alto recorder, ca, 3 perc
Duration: 16 Work No.: 24
Publisher: Composer

Mystery 7
The Betrayal and Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth (part of Mysteries)
Forces: 2 sop, mez, ten, 6 speakers, 2 srec, pic, pic(afl), oda, ca, tpt, 3perc, 2cel, hp, 6vn, vc&quo
Duration: 20 Work No.: 24
Publisher: Composer
fp: (section for soprano and trumpet) Washington DC, date unknown. Phillis Bryn-Julson (sop).

Commedia dell’incomprensibile potere che alcune donne hanno sugli uomini
Title: ‘Comedy of the incomprehensible power that some women have over men.’ .
Forces: sop, counter-ten, vc, harpsichord
Duration: 12 Work No.: 26
Publisher: Universal
‘For The Five Centuries Ensemble.’ fp: 30.6.77 Hilversum, Netherlands. Carol Plantamura (sop), John-Patrick Thomas (ctn), Marijke Verberne (vc), John Whitelaw (hpd). Text: Composer with early English anon. Taken from Genesis B: The Fall

Forces: 5 voices and orchestra (first version)
Duration: 6 Work No.: 27
Publisher: Composer
Some material from 1st version re-used in ‘First Sign a Sharp White Moon...’

Forces: tenor, 9 voice SATB chorus (high sop, 2 sop, mez, ctn, ten, bar, 2bas)
Duration: 14 Work No.: 31
Publisher: Edition Modern
fp: (private) 27.11.75 Birmingham. P. Hall, John Alldis Choir, dir. J. Alldis. fp: (public) 11.12.75 Wigmore Hall, London. P. Hall, John Alldis Choir, dir. J. Alldis. Text: Pedro Calderón de la Barca.

Forces: 6 voices, 3 tbn, 2 lute, perc, db (first version), revised for solo mezzo-soprano
Duration: 6 Work No.: 34
Publisher: Composer
Text: Ovid (Book XI of Metamorphoses.’)

Mr Punch
Forces: speaker, fl, ob or cl, perc, pf, vn or vc
Duration: 21 Work No.: 43
Publisher: Universal
fp: 1979 Suoraan.

Mine Eye Awake
Forces: lyric soprano, piano
Duration: 6 Work No.: 50
Publisher: Universal
‘To Elisabeth Lutyens.’ fp: 23.1.78 Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate. Elaine Barry (sop)’ composer (pf). Text: William Shakespeare Sonnet 61.

Title: (Japanese) - name.
Forces: tenor, fl, cl, hp, vn, va, vc
Duration: 20 Work No.: 58
Publisher: Universal
Commissioned by the Bath Festival. fp: 23.5.79 Bath Festival. Alastair Thomson (ten), Nash Ensemble. Text: Kineya Rokuzaemon X.

Sir Tristran
Title: after medieval poem.
Forces: soprano, clarinet, piano, violin, viola, cello
Duration: 20 Work No.: 60
Publisher: Universal
Commissioned by the Nash Ensemble. fp: 15.12.80 St John’s Smith Square, London. P. Walmsley-Clark (sop), Circle, dir. Gregory Rose. Text: Malory, Beroul, T. d’Angleterre, M. de France.

"Title: (Hopi Indian) ‘Red light of dawn (when man fully formed, proudly faced his creato
Forces: mezzo-soprano, fl(pic), ob(oda), perc, pf
Duration: 8 Work No.: 66
Publisher: Composer

... fairest noonday ...
Forces: tenor, piano
Duration: 8 Work No.: 67
Publisher: OUP
‘To Martyn Hill.’ Commissioned by the BBC. fp: 5.3.80 Leeds University. Martyn Hill (ten), John Constable (pf). Text: Friedrich Hölderlin (in German).

Lord Melbourne
Forces: soprano, clarinet, piano
Duration: 12 Work No.: 74
Publisher: Universal
‘For the Arioso Trio.’ Commissioned by the Worfield Charity Concert Trust. fp: 25.9.82 Rudge Hall, Pattingham. Lynda Russell (sop), David Campbell (cl), Andrew Ball (pf). Text: none. Based on English folk-song (as transcribed by Grainger

Title: (Sardinian) - ‘Around-around’
Forces: mezzo-soprano, flute, perc, piano
Duration: 9 Work No.: 85
Publisher: OUP
‘To James and Catia Clarke.’ fp: 21.1.82 Purcell Room, London. Josephine Nendick (mez), Suoraan, dir. James Clarke. Text: Sardinian folk poem.
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Title: (Australian Aboriginal) - ‘Red Ochre’
Forces: soprano, flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, cello
Duration: 9 Work No.: 92
Publisher: OUP
‘To Richard and Valérie Hames, Ben, Rachael, Toby and Jessica.’ fp: 29.5.82 Victoria College, Melbourne, Australia. Victorian Time Machine, dir. Richard David Hames. [tenor, flute, clarinet, 2 percussion]. fp: (final version) Ixio

Forces: mezzo soprano plus accompaniment
Duration: 65 Work No.: 104
Publisher: OUP
fp: (1st version) 8.3.93 Purcell Room, London. J Nendick (mez)’ Suoraan. fp: (2nd version) 19.5.83 BMIC, London. Jane Ginsburg (sop), George Nicholson (pf). Two earlier versions (1st for mezzo-soprano, fl(afl), ob(ca,oda)’ perc; 2nd for

Forces: 2 singers and ensemble
Duration: 45 Work No.: 108
Publisher: UMP
‘To Oliver Knussen.’ Commissioned by the Vale of Glamorgan Festival. fp: 30.8.83 Vale of Glamorgan Festival. Mary King (mez), John Rath (bar), Music Projects/London, dir. Richard Bernas. Text: Walt Whitman, nursery rhymes, H. M. Milner,

Le Lay de la Fonteinne
"Guillaume de Machaut, arranged and edited by Michael Finnissy"
Forces: mezzo-soprano, fl(pic), oboe, vib or pf
Duration: 22 Work No.: 109
Publisher: OUP
fp: 29.10.83 Purcell Room, London. Suoraan. fp: (final version) 9.6.90, Greenwich Festival. Virginia de Ledesma (sop), Focus, dir. Composer.

Botany Bay
Text: based on an Australian colonial folk-song.
Forces: mezzo-soprano, flute, oboe or clarinet
Duration: 4 Work No.: 112
Publisher: Composer
fp: 1.10.83 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Jeannie Marsh (mez), Rachele Skinner (fl), Jane Robertson (cl). fp: (final version) 18.5.89 BMIC, London. Ixion (version with clarinet).

Soda Fountain
Title: O. Wilde, A. C. Doyle, Giesecke, Schikaneder, Illica’ Wagner, E. Bronte, Haym, J.
Forces: soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, tenor
Duration: 20 Work No.: 115
Publisher: Composer
‘For Victoria Watson, Sandra Oldis, Jeannie Marsh & Christopher Bogg.’ fp: 23.3.84 Victoria College, Melbourne, Australia. V. Watson (sop), S. Oldis (mez), J. Marsh (alt), C. Bogg (ten).

Title: (Venda) - evening song. Text: traditional Venda.
Forces: mezzo-soprano, tenor, double SATB chorus, flute, 2 percussion
Duration: 18 Work No.: 116
Publisher: UMP
Commissioned by the BBC. fp: 12.6.84 QEH, London. J. Bingham (mez), N. Mackenzie (ten), BBC Singers, S. Bell, J. Holland, D. Johnson, dir. Diego Masson.

Title: (Latin) - ‘Of Heaven’
Forces: 2 high sopranos, 3 fl, 3 vla, 2 harps
Duration: 15 Work No.: 121
Publisher: UMP
original version, 2 high sopranos, flute, oboe, trombone’ percussion, double bass fp: 24.10.85 IRCAM, Paris, France. Penelope Walmsley-Clarke, Sarah Leonard (sop), Ensemble Intercontemporain, dir. Ronald Zollman. Text: Hildegard of Bingen (in

Cabaret Vert
Title: from poem by Rimbaud (French) - ‘Green Inn Cabaret’
Forces: mezzo-soprano, flute, cor anglais, percussion
Duration: 10 Work No.: 123
Publisher: Composer
fp: 11.5.85 ORTF, Paris, France. J. Nendick (mez), N. Ruffer (fl)’ J. Harrod (perc), C. Redgate (ob), dir. Roger Redgate. All poems refer to the colour green. Text: Rumanian folk poetry.
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Catchpenny Rhymes
Duration: Work No.: 130
Publisher: Composer
fp: (second version ) 13.5.89 Brighton Festival. Mary Wiegold (sop), Composers Ensemble, dir. Composer. Text: Traditional English nursery rhymes. Two earlier versions (1st: 9 songs for voice and piano; 2nd: songs 2, 3, & 9, for soprano, viola an

The Undivine Comedy
Opera in 17 scenes
Forces: sop, mez, ten, 2bar, 2fl(pic,afl), 2ob(ca), cl(ecl,bcl), 2perc, elec org(cel), vn, va, vc"
Duration: 114 Work No.: 131
Publisher: OUP
fp: 14.5.88 Theatre de la Bastille, Paris, France. Pauline Vaillancourt, Mary King, Nigel Robson, Richard Jackson, Richard Morris, Ensemble Exposé, dir. Composer. Text: composer, after the play by Z. Krasinski, with additional material from H

Beuk o’Newcassel Sangs
Forces: soprano, clarinet, piano
Duration: 12 Work No.: 135
Publisher: OUP
Commissioned by Tapestry. fp: 16.2.89 Newcastle University. Tapestry. Text: traditional Newcastle folk-songs, from A beuk o’Newcassel Sangs, collected by Joseph Crawhall (1888).

Judith Weir: Songs from the Exotic 10’ (on the rocks) 4 songs
Forces: soprano, clarinet, piano
Duration: 10 Work No.:
Publisher: Composer
fp: 4.5.89 Crawford Arts Centre, St Andrews, Fife. Tapestry. Text: Traditional Serbian, Spanish and Gaelic. Composer added clarinet part to an earlier composition by Judith Weir for mezzo-soprano & piano. Also transposed up to soprano range.&quo

Unknown Ground
Song cycle
Forces: baritone, piano, violin, cello
Duration: 25 Work No.: 145
Publisher: OUP
fp: 15.5.90 Marlborough Pub Theatre, Brighton. Richard Jackson (bar), Roger Redgate (vn), Julia Ryder (vc), composer (pf). Text: anon: Nick W.; Steve R.; Philip X.; Brent T.; Nicolai Kluyev; Mikhail Kuzmin; Sergei Esenin (in English).

Same as we
Version 1 of 2
Forces: soprano, pre-recorded tape
Duration: 10 Work No.: 149
Publisher: OUP
‘For Juliet Oppenheimer.’ fp: 10.8.90 Dartington, Devon. Juliet Oppenheimer. Text: James Joyce: Finnegans Wake.

Same as we
Version 2 of 2
Forces: mezzo-soprano, alto flute, cimbalom
Duration: 10 Work No.: 149
Publisher: OUP
‘For Elise, Anne and Mikael.’ fp: 1990 Flanders Festival, Ghent, Belgium. Zivitar.

Forces: baritone, SATB chorus, 2 trombones, 2 percussion, organ
Duration: 20 Work No.: 150
Publisher: OUP
fp: 15.6.91 Maldon Millennium festivities. Text: composer, from ‘The Battle of Maldon’ (anon/Anglo-Saxon).
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Kulamen Dilan
Title: (Kurdish) - ‘Love Songs’
Forces: soprano saxophone [or oboe], percussion
Duration: 10 Work No.: 151
Publisher: OUP
‘For Steve [Cottrell] and Liz [Davis].’ fp: 21.7.90 Darmstadt, Germany. Steve Cottrell (ssax), Steven Schick (perc).
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The Cambridge Codex
Forces: soprano, fl(picc), perc(2 bells), violin, cello
Duration: 18 Work No.: 160
Publisher: OUP
Commissioned by the Cambridge New Music Players. fp: 13.11.91 University Concert Hall, Cambridge. Cambridge New Music Players. Text: Medieval anonymous sacred poems (in Latin and English).

Three Motets, Two Interludes
Forces: soprano, violin, viola, cello
Duration: 16 Work No.: 162
Publisher: OUP
Interludes for string trio alone, (c. 4’) unfinished
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The Cry of the Prophet Zephaniah
Forces: solo baritone, TB men’s choir, 2 tpt, 2 trb, 2 vc.
Duration: 7 Work No.: 174
Publisher: OUP
Commissioned by BBC TV for series ‘The Cry’ fp: 6.12.92 BBC TV. Producer: Chris Mann. Text: Book of Zephaniah.

Thérése Raquin
stage-work for 4 voices and piano
Forces: 2 counter-tenors and 2 baritones, pf
Duration: 120 Work No.: 177
Publisher: OUP
Commissioned by The Garden Venture & Eastern Arts. fp: 1.10.93 Bury St Edmunds. Royal Opera House Garden Venture. Heather Lorimer, Linda Hirst, Andrew Watts, Richard Jackson, Christopher Willis. Text: composer, after the novel and play by Emile

Blessed be
Version 1 of 3
Forces: soprano, piano, double bass
Duration: 5 Work No.: 178
Publisher: OUP
Commissioned by Kathleen Supové for The Political Songbook. fp: 1993 Bang On A Can Festival, New York, USA. D. Ohrenstein (sop), K. Supové (pf), R. Black (db). Text: St Matthew.

Blessed be
Version 2 of 3
Forces: tenor, flute, horn, guitar, harp, cello
Duration: 5 Work No.: 178
Publisher: OUP
‘To Gerald English.’ fp: unperformed (1996).

Blessed be
Version 3 of 3
Forces: soprano, recorder, piano
Duration: 5 Work No.: 178
Publisher: OUP
fp: 26.10.96 Wilmslow Parish Hall. Alison Wells, John Turner’ Keith Swallow.

Silver Morning
Forces: tenor or baritone, piano, string quartet (2 vn, va, vc)
Duration: 16 Work No.: 187
Publisher: OUP
Commissioned by South West Arts. fp: 15.7.95 Cheltenham Festival. Text: A E Housman.

Forces: saxophones: 2 soprano, 2 contrabass
Duration: 3 Work No.: 190
Publisher: OUP
‘For Thomas K. J. Mejer.’ fp: Recorded but no concert performance (1996).

Shameful Vice
Forces: 2 soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone, bass, 2 cl, 2 tpt, gtr, hp, 2 vn, db
Duration: 45 Work No.: 193
Publisher: OUP
Commissioned by Vocem Electric Voice Theatre and Endymion. fp: 28.3.95 Blackheath Concert Halls, London. Vocem; Endymion Ensemble. Text: Composer, after letters and diaries of Tchaikovsky.

Liturgy of Saint Paul
Forces: counter tenor, 2 tenors, baritone, chamber organ
Duration: 37 Work No.: 197
Publisher: OUP
fp: 1.8.96 (incomplete) Cambridge. Hilliard Ensemble. Text: Latin mass. Eusebius, The Acts of the Apostles (in Greek). Includes Missa in Commemoratione Sancti Pauli and Missa in Festo Conversionis Sancti Pauli.

Golden Sleep
Forces: solo tenor, baritone, SATB choir
Duration: 12 Work No.: 202
Publisher: OUP
‘For Zöe, Gary and the Vasari Singers.’ Commissioned by Steyning Music Society Text: Homer’s Iliad XXIII, 93-101 in translation by Alexander Pope. Unperformed but broadcast by the BBC Singers (1997).

Symphony No. 1
Forces: soli contralto, va, vc, cbn. 4(pic)4(ca)3(bcl)4/8hn, 5trb/7perc/gui, org,2hp/str(
Duration: 20 Work No.:
Publisher: Composer
fp: unperformed. Text: Fizgerald/Khayyám ‘Rubáiyát’, Milton ‘The Passion’

Forces: voice and ensemble
Duration: Work No.:
Publisher: Composer
Text: Poem by William McGonagall.

Forces: sop, fl, cor, vib, pf
Duration: 8 min 33 Work No.: 3
Publisher: Composer
1965 rev. 1987

version i (of ii)
Forces: bari, fl, harp
Duration: 7 Work No.: 27
Publisher: Composer

Not Afraid
Forces: baritone and speaking pianist
Duration: 12 Work No.: 216
Publisher: Composers Edition

Descriptive Jottings of London
Forces: 3 voices (or chorus) with independent accordion and piano
Duration: 5 Work No.: 264
Publisher: OUP

Forces: tenor and string quartet
Duration: 16 Work No.: 279
Publisher: OUP

Caithness with Descants
Forces: soprano, recorder and piano
Duration: 3 Work No.: 300

Forces: stage-work for solo voices, chorus and instruments (oboe d’amore, clarinet, bassoon, piano, or
Duration: 74 Work No.: 308
Publisher: OUP

Outside Fort Tregantle
Forces: baritone and piano
Duration: 3 Work No.: 309
Publisher: OUP

Forces: voice(s), B-flat clar,electric-guit,accordion,pno
Duration: 4 Work No.:

The Transgressive Gospel
Forces: 2 vocalists, vln,vla,vcl, accordion, cimbalom and piano
Duration: 120 Work No.: 317
Publisher: OUP



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